Is the Le Veil Humidifier readable at all times, or is there an auto-shutoff feature?

The Le Veil hygrometer uses a high-quality LCD screen that will stay on and be readable at all times..

How long will it take for my new humidifier to read accurately in my humidor?

For seasoned or in use desktop humidors, turning on the humidifier and leaving the unit in the humidor will allow the humidity levels to stabilize after 24 hours.

Large humidors and new humidors will need to be seasoned properly by using distilled water and a clean damp cloth. Run the damp cloth along the walls of the humidor to add humidity.

Install the humidifier and allow 3 days for the humidity levels to stabilize. If the desired humidity is not reached, re-season the humidor as needed.

Can I use a 3rd party power adapter?

We do not recommend 3rd party power adapters as it may damage the humidifier. Please use the cables and adapters that came with your unit. Replacements can be purchased from our website Here.

How do you recalibrate the humidifiers hygrometer?

Each Le Veil humidifier is equipped with a high-quality capacitive humidity sensor; the same used in commercial laboratories. Most digital hygrometers available to the public are equipped with resistive hygrometers which have an RH variance of up to +-10%. Please make sure the hygrometer you are using to test the humidifier has a capacitive humidity sensor to ensure accuracy.

The Le Veil humidifier allows you to manually adjust and re-calibrate its hygrometer using the steps below. After adjusting, place the humidifier back into the humidor and allow 24 hours for accuracy.

Instructions for iCigar (DCH-12V), iCigar Hybrid (DCH-22/220), iCigar Pro (DCH-60)

To Calibrate the humidifier, hold the 'MODE' button before the numbers flash, then immediately adjust the meter with the 'UP' and 'DOWN' buttons.

Instructions for iCigar Hybrid (DCH-210)

Turn the RH knob counterclockwise (left) to lower the humidity meter and clockwise to raise the humidity meter.

How often should I check and change gel?

Changing the crystal gel out yearly will help maintain the quality of your cigars. If the gel changes to a dark brown color, change out the gel earlier. Most of the air in your humidor is filtering through the system so any contaminates will get trapped in the gel.

Can I use a cigar solution (Propylene Glycol) instead of water?

Please only use distilled water or filtered water. Tap water and cigar solutions may damage the water sensor or other components in our humidifiers.

The crystal gel dissapeared or got used up.

Crystal gel does not evaporate or dissolve. What has happened is the gel has dried and gotten stuck on the sides of the tank. When dry they can be very hard to see especially when new.

Simply fill your tank as normal to the fill line, you should see the crystals rehydrate slowly.


What are the dimensions of the iCigar?

6"L * 2"W * 3.5"H - with a regular water cartridge.

6"L * 2"W * 2.5"H - with a small water cartridge.

(DCH-12v1 Model) Why is the fan running but air is not passing through the air vent?

Turn the water cartridge upside down after you refill it, allowing excess water to drain from the cartridge.

How often do I need to replace the water cartridge?

For the DCH-12v1 models, water cartridges last for three to four refills or once a year to keep the quality at its best.

For all other models the water cartridge should not need to be replaced. Cleaning and changing the crystal gels as needed will work. See "How often should I check and change the gel"(above) for more information

Why does my new DCH-12V humidifier's fan continually run even after hitting the targeted humidity level?

Make sure the flat power plug is plugged into the "DC 12V" power port on the side of the humidifier.

Do not plug the black power adapter directly into the circular "Ext Fan" port!

(12v5a & b Model) Fan keeps turning on and off constantly

The 12v5a & b models handle humidity control differently. Once relative humidity has changed by 1% the fan will engauge. Once it reaches the target humidity it will turn off.

Example: Target humidity is 70%. Humidity drops to 69%, the fan will turn on. Once humidity reaches 70% the fan will turn off.

The top doesn't fit/connect properly to the tank.

Please make sure that the 2 grey silicon plugs are removed from the tank. These plugs are to keep the crystal gel from falling out of the tank during shipping.

icigar pro

If the fan is not turning on once plugged into outlet what steps should I take?

The fans will not activate if the water sensors are triggered. Make sure that gel and water are in the tank and fully hydrated. If you would prefer to not use crystal gel, please do not use distilled water. Use filtered or bottled drinking water.

Check that lime has not built up on the metal sensor poles. Use a de-limer or vinegar on a damp cloth to clean the poles. Make sure that liquid does not get into the fan unit.

Please refer to the image below to reconnect the flat power cables. Be careful when unlocking the cable. The black locking tab is fragile. Be sure that the blue side is up on the flat cables and that they are centered with the plug.


Can I put the control unit on the outside of humidor?

Yes, the control unit can be stored on the outside of your humidor. The flat cable can be passed through the door crack without affecting your humidors seal.

icigar hybrid

The fan keeps turning off immediately.

The iCigar Hybrid has a battery save mode and a standard full power mode. Chances are it may be in the wrong setting. You can change the setting by moving the switch to the [ON/S] position or the [ON] position.

Understanding [ON/S] and [ON] modes

  • [ON/S] (power save) checks humidity approx. every 3 minutes. If the humidity isn't within the set range, the fan will activate briefly then deactivate until the next check.
  • [ON] constantly checks humidity levels and activates the fan as needed.